Licensing our Inventions
Commercializing inventions from Scripps Florida

From the lab of Matthew Disney, PhD, a compound that attacks the frameshifting element of RNA viruses. Licensing of Scripps Florida discoveries goes through UF Innovate.
From the lab of chemist Matthew Disney, PhD, a compound that attacks the frameshifting element of RNA viruses. To license our discoveries, visit UF Innovate.

The organization that drives the innovation ecosystem at UF, one of the nation’s leading research institutions, is UF Innovate.

UF Innovate comprises four channels: Tech Licensing, Ventures, Pathways, and an Accelerate program, which includes two business incubators, The Hub and Sid Martin Biotech. Together, those organizations move research discoveries from the laboratory to the market.

UF Innovate connects innovators with entrepreneurs, investors and industry, incubates startups and growth companies, and fosters a resilient economy — all to make the world a better place.

Although Gatorade is the most famous of UF’s inventions, the University of Florida has technologies ranging from phone apps to vaccines for cancer, and UF research resulted in Luxturna, the gene therapy approved by the FDA to treat a rare genetic disease resulting in blindness. You can view technologies available for licensing here.

Latest Inventions

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