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Search for Safer Pain Relief Advances with New Engineered Compounds

“The compound SR-17018 is the first biased agonist of the mu opioid receptor that does not lead to tolerance with chronic use,” says Stahl, a senior staff scientist in the Bohn lab. “This is a desirable feature for potential use in the context of chronic, severe pain.”

UF, Scripps Research Green-Light Integration for Florida Science Powerhouse

JUPITER, FL—The University of Florida and California-based Scripps Research have signed a definitive agreement to welcome the Florida branch of the science powerhouse into the research arm of UF’s academic health center — a step aimed at accelerating the translation of basic scientific discoveries into clinical advances that…

Scientists Look to Nature to Discover Method for Installing Sulfur Into Complex Molecules

The natural products collection at Scripps Florida contains hundreds of thousands of organisms available for study. Advance provides new tools for synthetic chemists and biologists looking to probe and modify sulfur-based biochemistry JUPITER, FL—A group of highly reactive compounds called persulfides have provoked great curiosity among biochemists,…

Dual-Action Breast Cancer Compounds Overcome Common Drug-Resistance Issues

Kendall Nettles, PhD, (center) meets with two students in his lab, Jacqline Njeri (left) and Charles Min (right). Nettles and colleagues designed drug-like molecules that appear to fight estrogen-sensitive breast cancer in two ways, in cell studies. Njeri and Min are co-authors on the paper, published August 27, 2021, in…