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UF Scripps core scientific services support our nonprofit research mission, and most are available for a fee to other organizations and companies. Advanced technologies and expertise includes next-generation sequencing; high-throughput screening of drug-like molecules; structural biology technologies including NMR; X-ray crystallography, and high-content imaging.


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Bioinformatics and Statistics

Providing data management and analysis services for the UF Scripps community as well as for external collaborators. 

Genomics analysis

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Drug Metabolism DPMK

Whether you use chemical tools to probe fundamental biological mechanisms or are looking to move an initial lead into clinical trials, the DMPK core can help. 

Evaluating the drug-like properties of compounds at UF|Scripps.

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Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry measures and analyzes the characteristics of single particles, normally cells, as they move in a stream and are passed through a laser. 

Flow cytometry is one of the core scientific services available on our Jupiter, Florida campus.

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Genetic Perturbation Screening

Providing gene knockdown and gene overexpression services to help guide your next discovery.

Genetic perturbation services at UF Scripps

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Genomic Sequencing

The Genomics Core owns the latest Next Generation Sequencing platforms to address a wide variety of research needs. 

Genomic Sequencing Core at UF Scripps

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High-Content Imaging

Offering cutting-edge instrumentation for High-Content Imaging (HCI), which allows the acquisition of microscopic images in high-throughput.

High-Content Imaging Core at UF Scripps

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Preparing, processing and staining frozen or paraffin embedded specimens for investigators.

A slide showing stained cancer cells.

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Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

Assisting scientists with protein characterization, identification and quantification to solve relevant biological problems.

Mass Spectrometry Core

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Metabolic Core

Advancing the characterization of models of cancer, metabolism, neurological and inflammatory diseases

Blood Plasma by David Goodsell

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Murine Behavioral Core, ARC and Models of Disease

We support research programs into genetic, infectious and other diseases, enabling the study of causes and potential treatments.

The ARC team at UF Scripps.

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The data captured enables scientists to determine the sample’s structure as well as the nature of its bonds.

NMR of the tau RNA complex, Disney lab

Cores and technologies

X-Ray Crystallography

Providing structural data that reveals biological functions, 3D-folding, ligand binding (small molecule or protein), or mutational effect of target macromolecules.

Crystals by HaJeung Park


Centers and specialties

High-Throughput Molecular Screening

Where chemistry, biology and robotics join forces for drug discovery and lead identification.

The robotic molecular high-throughput screening center at Scripps Florida features nearly 1 million compounds.

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Molecular Imaging / Cryo-EM

Detailing the structure of life one molecule at a time.

The CryoEM structure of GPR158, involved in mood disorders, from Martemyanov lab.


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