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Core scientific services at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute support our nonprofit research mission, and most are available for a fee to other organizations and companies. Advanced technologies and expertise includes next-generation sequencing; high-throughput screening of drug-like molecules; structural biology technologies including NMR; X-ray crystallography, and high-content imaging.


cores and technologies

Drug Metabolism DPMK

Whether you use chemical tools to probe fundamental biological mechanisms or are looking to move an initial lead into clinical trials, the DMPK core can help. 

Evaluating the drug-like properties of compounds at UF|Scripps.

cores and technologies

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry measures and analyzes the characteristics of single particles, normally cells, as they move in a stream and are passed through a laser. 

Flow cytometry is one of the core scientific services available on our Jupiter, Florida campus.

cores and technologies


Preparing, processing and staining frozen or paraffin embedded specimens for investigators.

A slide showing stained cancer cells.

Cores and technologies

X-Ray Crystallography

Providing structural data that reveals biological functions, 3D-folding, ligand binding (small molecule or protein), or mutational effect of target macromolecules.

Crystals by HaJeung Park



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