Events Checklist
Everything you need to know to host an event at UF Scripps.

Space Availability: Contact Amy Schatz,

A/V Tech Availability: Contact Jerrold Jones,

Notify Facilities at and provide information on the following:

  • Room setup
  • Additional tables or chairs
  • Registration table needed?
  • Air conditioning setting in Auditorium if needed?
  • Cleaning services needed? Contact
  • Auditorium needed? Note no food or drink in auditorium. The party who reserves the auditorium is responsible for ensuring attendees adhere to the policy. Have a table available for attendees to leave their drinks prior to entering. Check auditorium after the event for mess or stains and notify

Notify UF Scripps Security in advance of the event. Attendees must be registered with and parking arrangements made.

Request “Scripps Event” parking signs, if desired.

Catering  may be possible my contacting

All outside caterers must have a current food certification and insurance. Please contact Linda Carlson, Procurement, for current status.

If alcohol is being served at the event, caterer must have liquor liability insurance coverage. Please contact Linda Carlson, Procurement, for current status.

Contractual arrangements, contact Erik Duffey in Procurement. (561) 228-2031.

Sponsorship opportunities: Contact Erik Duffey in Procurement. (561) 228-2031.

Media or photography: Contact Stacey DeLoye in Communications. (561) 228-2551