Society of research fellows A community of early-career researchers

The Society of Research Fellows at UF Scripps is dedicated to enhancing the professional, academic and social lives of postdoctoral associates within the UF Scripps community.

Scientific poster showcase

Research Fest

The Society of Research Fellows is proud to support the annual Research Fest: Scientific Symposium and Vendor Show at UF Scripps.

About Us

We are a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization whose goal is to enhance the professional, academic and social lives of postdoctoral associates within the UF Scripps community. In part, we strive to achieve these goals through organizing various professional and social events. These events are designed to provide a networking platform for career development and to foster a sense of community among the diverse set of postdocs at Scripps Research. Our objectives are to: facilitate communication and collaboration between postdocs and faculty; promote the education and exposure of postdocs to the multitude of PhD career prospects; support postdocs in their professional development; and foster the development of a social environment conducive towards an optimal research training experience

SRF was founded on the Jupiter campus in 2007 to serve the needs of the ever-increasing pool of postdocs in Jupiter. All postdoctoral associates are encouraged to get involved in SRF by attending our monthly meeting, typically held the third Thursday of each month. Please read the SRF constitution for additional information.

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Executive Committee

The Society of Research Fellows is governed and managed by our Executive Committee, all of whom are volunteer members of our postdoctoral associate community. Our leaders participate in setting both the strategic and long-term vision of SRF while also managing the day-to-day operational activities of the organization.

  • Christiana Teijaro, President
  • Anna Albertson, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
  • Shaw-wen (Christine) Wu, Career Development Committee Chair
  • Edward Kalkreuter, Distinguished Lecture Series Chair
  • Andrew Steele, Vendor Show Chair
  • Nicholas Paciaroni, Scientific Symposium Chair
  • Christoph Fellinger, Communications Officer
  • Kacper Walentynowicz, Events/Activities Co-Chair
  • Xinrui Li, Liaison, Program Coordinator, Career and Postdoctoral Services at UF Scripps

Our Events

Happy Hours
SRF and the Graduate Student Association hold a monthly happy hour, typically held on the third Friday of the month. We welcome you to join this hosted event to connect and network with members of our scientific community.

General Meetings
The SRF holds monthly General Meetings, which typically occur the second Thursday of each month at 12 p.m. (room B159). Attendees of these informative meetings learn about upcoming SRF events and activities and hear from various speakers addressing a wide range of topics from trends in research to professional development workshops.

Stay Connected
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