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UF Scripps possesses multiple programs on the leading edge of chemical biology and drug discovery. They include our robotic high-throughput screening suite equipped to assess hundreds of thousands of drug-like compounds for biological activity; our historic Natural Products Discovery Center, featuring microbial strains collected from around the world since the discovery of penicillin, and our molecular imaging center, including cryo-electron microscopy. Together, these unique resources are powering major discoveries to address a world of unmet medical needs.

Historic natural product collection

The Natural Products Discovery Center

An historic archive of untapped biodiversity inspires discovery with modern tools of genomics and artificial intelligence.

UF|Scripps is home to one of the world's largest and most historic collections of microbial natural products.

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Molecular Imaging Center

Featuring cryo-electron microscopy.

Cryo-electron microscopy at UF Scripps.

Robot-assisted drug discovery

High-Throughput Molecular Screening

Where chemistry, biology and robotics join forces for drug discovery and lead identification.

Robot-assisted research in the High-Throughput Molecular Screening Center