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American Chemical Society’s Nobel Signature Award Goes to UF Scripps Professor and Student

UF Scripps Chemist Matthew Disney and Skaggs Graduate School student Alicia Angelbello devised a way to potentially treat a type of muscular dystrophy, MD1.

Alicia Angelbello, Ph.D., a student of the Skaggs Graduate School, studied with UF Scripps Chemistry Department Chair Matthew Disney, Ph.D. They have been awarded the American Chemical Society’s Nobel Signature Award.

Chemist Who Explores Cells’ Protein…

Ciaran Seath, Ph.D. studies protein interactions in cells, using light to better understand disease and the effects of medications. He is joining the…

Ciaran Seath, Ph.D.

RNA Drug Discovery Effort Reveals 1 in 300 Million

The findings show it is possible to substantially accelerate the drug discovery process. The technique opens new doors to treating diseases by…

Matthew D. Disney, Ph.D.

Scripps Research Mourns Passing of Pioneering…

Lerner made major scientific contributions and built Scripps Research into a world-renowned hub of innovative science and medicine.

richard lerner