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Chemist Who Explores Cells’ Protein…

Ciaran Seath, Ph.D. studies protein interactions in cells, using light to better understand disease and the effects of medications. He is joining the…

Ciaran Seath, Ph.D.

UF Scripps Scientists to Receive $15 Million to…

The nation’s medicine chest needs more options for treating dangerous viral diseases. UF Scripps scientists will receive an estimated $15 million…

A study of variation in the coronavirus spike protein.

RNA Drug Discovery Effort Reveals 1 in 300 Million

The findings show it is possible to substantially accelerate the drug discovery process. The technique opens new doors to treating diseases by…

Matthew D. Disney, Ph.D.

Fighting Free Radicals With Finesse

Bioresponsive sensor from Carroll lab activates antioxidants only when needed, provides a new tool for studying reactive oxygen species’ role in health and disease.

Free radical fighter

Dual-Action Breast Cancer Compounds Target Drug-Resistance

By distorting estrogen receptor shape in two different ways, compounds offer a two-for-one punch to estrogen-sensitive cancer cells.

Nettles lab designs dual-action breast cancer compound.

Potential ALS, Dementia Drug Targets RNA

The successful compound works by binding tightly to the disease-causing RNA in multiple places, while also attracting an enzyme that eliminates RNAs.

Induced neurons derived from ALS patients helped scientists test their compounds.

Wiring the Eyes to the Brain for Color Vision

Martemyanov lab at UF Scripps solves the mystery of how cones form their distinctive brain connections, giving humans and other animals their ability to see colors. 

Mouse retinal neurons from Martemyanov lab at UF Scripps.

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