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Chemist Who Explores Cells’ Protein Interactions with Light to Join UF Scripps

Ciaran Seath, Ph.D. studies protein interactions in cells, using light to better understand disease and the effects of medications. He is joining the UF Scripps Chemistry Department. Promising new drugs sometimes fail when they reach clinical trials despite strong early data. A new scientist joining UF Scripps Biomedical Research aims…

Natural Products Discovery Center

“The great biosynthetic potential of nature has been explored in a limited way until now. By advancing the technologies needed to sequence large strain collections, such as the one here, we can begin to realize the full potential of this resource to benefit humanity.”Ben Shen, Ph.D. The Natural Products…

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Connect with our scientists Faculty Directory UF Scripps blends the strengths of one of the nation's top public universities with the boldness of one of the world's leading biomedical research…

Fighting Free Radicals With Finesse

A bioresponsive sensor from Carroll lab activates antioxidants only when needed and provides a tool for studying free radicals' role in disease.

Scientists Look to Nature to Discover Method for Installing Sulfur Into Complex Molecules

The natural products collection at Scripps Florida contains hundreds of thousands of organisms available for study. Advance provides new tools for synthetic chemists and biologists looking to probe and modify sulfur-based biochemistry JUPITER, FL—A group of highly reactive compounds called persulfides have provoked great curiosity among biochemists,…

Molecular Multi-Tools Turn Existing Drug into RNA-Targeting Compound

Like a carpenter switching drill bits depending on the job at hand, scientists at Scripps Research in Florida have changed an investigational medicine’s activity by swapping in different molecular tools, in the process, showing a potential new way to address multiple incurable diseases.