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Connect with our scientists Faculty Directory The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute blends the strengths of one of the nation's top public universities with the boldness of one of the world's…

Search for Safer Pain Relief Advances with New Engineered Compounds

“The compound SR-17018 is the first biased agonist of the mu opioid receptor that does not lead to tolerance with chronic use,” says Stahl, a senior staff scientist in the Bohn lab. “This is a desirable feature for potential use in the context of chronic, severe pain.”

PTSD Study Identifies Potential Target for Memory Disruption

Professor Courtney Miller, PhD, of the departments of Neuroscience and Molecular Medicine. JUPITER, FL — Fight or flight, panic, trembling: Our brains are wired to ensure we respond instantly to fear. While that fear response may save our lives in the dangerous moment, at times people stay on high…