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Scientists Look to Nature to Discover Method for Installing Sulfur Into Complex Molecules

The natural products collection at Scripps Florida contains hundreds of thousands of organisms available for study. Advance provides new tools for synthetic chemists and biologists looking to probe and modify sulfur-based biochemistry JUPITER, FL—A group of highly reactive compounds called persulfides have provoked great curiosity among biochemists,…

Dual-Action Breast Cancer Compounds Overcome Common Drug-Resistance Issues

Kendall Nettles, PhD, (center) meets with two students in his lab, Jacqline Njeri (left) and Charles Min (right). Nettles and colleagues designed drug-like molecules that appear to fight estrogen-sensitive breast cancer in two ways, in cell studies. Njeri and Min are co-authors on the paper, published August 27, 2021, in…

Molecular Multi-Tools Turn Existing Drug into RNA-Targeting Compound

Like a carpenter switching drill bits depending on the job at hand, scientists at Scripps Research in Florida have changed an investigational medicine’s activity by swapping in different molecular tools, in the process, showing a potential new way to address multiple incurable diseases.

Wiring the Eyes to the Brain for Color Vision

A study from Martemyanov lab solves the mystery of how cones form their distinctive brain connections, giving humans and other animals their sophisticated and powerful vision sense.